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Urine Drug Screening
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Urine Drug Screening
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Hempseed Milk

Here is a basic hempseed milk recipe. Of course, add more seeds to make it thicker and less to make a thinner hempseed milk. Using HempNut brand hulled hempseed will make the best milk, since those pesky coats have been removed.

Pour 2 cups of hempseed into a 6 cup bowl. Place under faucet and allow water to flood bowl for 1 minute, while agitating seeds with your hand. Knock down any floating seeds but allow debris and deformed seeds to float away. Stop water and allow bowl to sit in a warm place for 24 hours, then rinse again. Allow to sit in a warm place for another 24 hours. Rinse again, then remove water by emptying bowl into a fine mesh screen, strainer, or colander to drain. If using HempNut hulled hempseed, omit the above steps.

Pour seeds into blender and fill close to the top with very hot or boiling water, allowing enough space to keep contents from overflowing when turned on. (For safety, cover with towel.) Blend on low, then high for 2 minutes. While blending, clean and rinse the bowl, put colander into it, lay cotton or hemp cloth flat into colander, and put on rubber gloves.

Stop the blender, and carefully pour contents into the cloth, allowing hot liquid to drain into bowl. Once most liquid has drained gather corners of cloth together and twist, pressurizing contents in the middle of the cloth, draining into the bowl. Continue to twist until done. The contents of the cloth can be used as a fiber source in baked goods or burgers (yes, it will be gritty unless using HempNut). The resulting liquid is fresh hempseed milk suitable for use as a base for beverage, ice cream, yogurt, tofu, cheese, dip, spread, or to replace milk or other liquid in a recipe. Be sure to cool quickly by putting the bowl into the freezer. Fresh hempseed milk has an off-white to slightly green or gray appearance, and is pleasant tasting. It will spoil easily, so keep well refrigerated.

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This page last updated on 18 April 1999.