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Urine Drug Screening
Urine Drug Testing

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Drug Test
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Hair Drug Test
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Urine Drug Screening
Urine Drug Testing

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Research Library

The HFA Research Library offers reading and research materials over a wide range of topics related to hemp, its cultivation and use through history, and its ongoing struggle for legal acceptance. If you would like to suggest documents that would be of interest to our members, please e-mail the

Journal of the International Hemp Association

Industrial Hemp Technical Manual source: Health Canada/Santé Canada

The Colorado Hemp Production Act of 1995 by Thomas J. Ballanco
University of Colorado Law Review, Volume 66, Issue 4, 1995

Experiences with Hemp in Ontario in 1998 by Georgia Greetham

Growing Hemp in Japan by Stuart Young, August 8, 1997

Hemp as Weed Control by D. P. West, Ph.D.

Hempseed Foods by Richard Rose

Industrial Hemp Agronomic Trials: Western Australia, Sept 1996 - May 1997

A Maritime Industrial Hemp Product Marketing Study
source: Province of Nova Scotia

Nutritional Analysis of Hempseed Sprouts provided by Richard Rose

Pharmacology of Fiber Hemp source: Schaffer Library

The U.S. Hemp Market: An economic examination of the hemp industry
by Richard A. Adams, Baker College Center for Graduate Studies

The following articles were compiled by Carl E. Olsen:

Bioresource Hemp '97, Frankfurt, Germany by John Edwards Dvorak

Hemp Bibliography by Eric Skidmore

Hemp conference coming to campus Iowa State Daily, March 21, 1997

Hemp growers sue government
Des Moines Register, May 16, 1998

Hemp hype or cash crop?
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier, August 31, 1997

Hemp proposals must shed image problem Des Moines Register, April 30, 1997

House panel approves hemp research Des Moines Register, March 11, 1997

Industrial hemp isn't an evil weed Des Moines Register, May 7, 1998

Industrial Hemp: Boulder Hemp Initiative Project

Iowa group studying industrial hemp Des Moines Register, December 4, 1996

Irish have high hopes for cannabis, fuel of the future
by Audrey Magee

A promising new crop Des Moines Register, March 12, 1997

Revival of hemp industry at hand? Des Moines Register - July 7, 1996

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