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Urine Drug Screening

The popularity of urine drug screening has made it the most vulnerable to manipulation and cheating. But it is undisputable that a urine drug screening is the answer to most common drug detection purposes. A single urine drug screening can help detect up to 11 substances at a time. Random urine drug screenings are very difficult to manipulate and if you have an affinity for drugs you need to be wary of such surprise moves. If you are someone who is not really comfortable with urine drug screening make sure that you do not sign anything that commits you to one before taking up employment. Providing written notice of a drug-testing policy usually considerably reduces an employee’s expectations of privacy.

If you think you are being coerced in some manner to go in for a urine drug screening make sure you know your rights and stick to your guns on the matter. Urine drug screening has never been proved to be the safest or most effective manner of improving workplace safety or productivity. Many of those arguing against the usage of urine drug screening for purposes of employment argue that other tests should be put in place to measure a person’s efficiency and capability to perform a particular task to fulfillment. They suggest that actual concentration and reaction time should be measured rather than testing for drugs.

Urine drug screening, particularly randomly conducted is not permitted in every state in the country. Make sure to always check the laws of your state to ensure that you do not have to do something you don’t want to. All employers are required to adhere to the drug testing laws as stipulated by the federal government and state administration. You need to know that there are usually four types of drug testing that you might find yourself susceptible to ay any time - pre-employment screening, random testing based on "reasonable suspicion" and post-accident testing.

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