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Marijuana Recipes

Most people think of marijuana as a simple drug that is meant only to be smoked in a cigar or a pipe.  This is not necessarily true, however.  Marijuana is a fat soluble substance, meaning that its contents (THC) get absorbed into the fat cells, which also applies to fatty things like butter and oil.  This makes marijuana recipes a great idea, because the plant can be eaten in a number of ways.

Perhaps the most popular of all marijuana recipes is the “pot brownie”.  It’s important to realize that the marijuana bud is not actually an ingredient itself, but the product that is released into the butter which is a key ingredient in the brownies is.  Essentially, the marijuana is cooked in the butter, and then the butter is strained thoroughly with a fine sifter, so that all of the THC has been absorbed into it.  Another well know marijuana recipe is called Bhang.  Bhang is a yogurt drink that is very popular in India and incorporates marijuana into the recipe.

Marijuana recipes don’t just stretch as far as using the actual buds.  In fact, hemp seeds are a popular health food that a lot of people enjoy cooking with.  You can purchase hemp seed energy bars, snack mixes, and other interesting food items.  Marijuana can be included in a wide variety of desserts, pasta dishes, and anything that uses either butter or oil.  The versatility of the plant is wide, and it can be used in all kinds of things to eat and drink.  Look for some marijuana recipes online and you’ll be really surprised at what you will find.  There are also people who have written entire cookbooks on the subject of cooking with marijuana.  Try out a few different dishes and you’ll be a real creative cook in no time!

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