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Marijuana Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a form of growing plants that uses absolutely no soil.  Instead, plants are grown completely underwater.  Fans of marijuana say that marijuana hydroponics is the best way to grow the plants, because they produce better flowers or buds, which is the part of the marijuana plant that people smoke.

If you are interested in growing marijuana hydroponics, you will need some important pieces of equipment.  First and foremost, a large tank to hold the water and plants is needed.  Hoses and good lighting are also very important.  First you’ll need to determine where to plant the marijuana, because once the container is filled with water it will be very difficult to move.  Find a place in your home that it will not easily be detected, like in the attic or basement.  Be sure the floor is protected so that when water spills out, it will not damage your floors.

The nutrients for marijuana hydroponics are delivered through a pump system in the water rather than in the soil.  Set up a system where the water can flow thoroughly into the roots.  Metal halide and hps, or high pressure sodium lights are highly recommended, and most can be found at your local nursery.  Do some research to find out what stages of plant growth will require which type of lighting, and when you should move the lights closer to the plant.  As the plants grow, you’ll need to pay special attention to their lighting needs.  You can find marijuana seeds from a wholesaler, or use seeds from other plants that you already have.  Just remember that the seeds need to be properly germinated before inserting them into the water tank.  With some careful research and practice, you can grow marijuana through the use of hydroponics instead of the traditional way for fuller, more healthy growth.

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