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Illegal Drugs

When most of us think about illegal drugs we think of names like heroine, cocaine, marijuana, crack, speed, etc. Yet, illegal drugs are not necessarily limited to controlled substances. An illegal drug is any substance that is used improperly.

In fact, alcohol is a highly abused substance. So, it can actually be seen as an illegal drug under the right circumstances. In the case of alcoholic addiction many alcoholics undergo treatment that is similar to drug addiction treatment. Narcotics Anonymous was even modeled after Alcoholics anonymous.
Illegal drugs also include prescription drugs. Many prescription drugs that are used to treat different illnesses and ease suffering are being sold on the street right alongside drugs like marijuana and cocaine. However, some of the most common addicts are those individuals who were prescribed the medication by a doctor.

The drugs have the ability turn into illegal drugs when patients use them in a manner contrary to their doctor’s instructions. This is why many times doctors will monitor patients who have to take prescriptions that may be habit forming. This includes prescribing set amounts and requiring a refill at certain intervals.

Other types of illegal drugs come from products used everyday around the house. These products include paint, gasoline, cough syrup, and others. Many of these products are either inhaled. Products such as cough syrup and Listerine may contain high amounts of alcohol depending on the product.

Still, with the many options of illegal drugs, controlled substances such as heroine, cocaine, and marijuana are still old favorites. However, even many of these drugs got their start as cure-alls and medical concoctions long before we knew any better. Cocaine used to be the main ingredient in Coke a Cola. Ecstasy was first developed as a drug for use in therapy sessions. Eventually the improper use of these substances started to outweigh their benefits which led to their addition to the list of illegal drugs.


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