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Hemp Necklace

Hemp jewelry, in particular hemp necklaces and bracelets, are popular accessory items with young people.  Wearing hemp usually signifies that the wearer makes conscious political and social decisions in their consumer choices.  This person has an interest in environmentally sound manufacturing processes and encourages the promotion of natural fibers for textile products.

Others have a concern for the environment but mostly just like the way hemp looks.  Clothing, paper, snacks and rope jewelry made from hemp are easy to find, especially in areas with a college nearby, and tend to be worn by people who have more liberal political viewpoints.

Hemp was once a main component of textiles dating as far back as the Stone Age.  Hemp comes from the cannabis plant, which certain varieties of also produce the psychoactive drug, marijuana.  While industrial hemp can be imported and sold in the United States, this controversial plant cannot be grown legally in the U.S.  The main suppliers of industrial hemp are found in Canada and the European Union.  Though hemp must be specifically cultivated to contain enough TCP to cause a psychoactive reaction, the U.S. government’s strong anti-drug policy has denied farmers an opportunity to benefit from growing an easy, sustainable crop with many uses.

While hemp was a default fiber in the past, made into no-nonsense clothing for armies and workers, it is now seen strictly as a fashion or social statement.  Hemp fiber is very strong, but is prone to rotting, so you will want to take caution if you wear your hemp necklace or bracelet in the shower or while swimming.  Hemp jewelry is very easy to make, and a relaxing past time for many.  If there are no stores in your area that carry hemp supplies, you can find an abundance of sources online.  Hemp necklaces, bracelets and belts are created using the macramé method, whereby you knot the fibers to create a rope or fabric.  Stones, beads, semi-precious jewels and shells are often incorporated into hemp jewelry designs.

Most people who wear hemp like it because it is a natural fiber that does not harm the environment.  It is strong, airy and comfortable.  There are many people who like to choose hemp products as a statement of support for the legalization of marijuana.  There are those who are labeled as “hippies” or “stoners” based solely on the presence of something as small as a hemp necklace around their neck.  This stereotypical view of people who like to support the hemp industry creates a negative impression on the general public, who tend to shun hemp products and the stores that carry them.  However, the benefits that some feel occur from supporting a small business, and a sustainable crop, outweighs any negative confrontations they may encounter.

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