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Drug Detox

Drug Detox is a very challenging undertaking and requires the person who is abusing drugs to admit that he or she has a problem. This can be quite difficult and often friends should intervene to bring up the subject of drug detox. The person abusing drugs may feel defensive and withdraw from friends or family who encourage them to make positive changes. Ultimately, the person who needs help needs to discover this fact on their own, however, friend’s encouragement can help them on the way to finding the assistance they need so that they may get the drug addiction treatment they need.

There are various drug detox programs and not all programs work for all people. Some are medical based and take place in hospital students. The patients are monitored much like patience in a regular medical facility and are often given medication for withdrawal symptoms. Those with severe dependency may opt for drug detox programs in these medical facilities because there is a concern that drug withdrawal symptoms will be strong enough to require medical treatment. Also, a hospital setting is a controlled environment, and patient is unable to “cheat” and go out to take drugs. However, the patient must be certain that he or she has sufficient support on leaving the facility to prevent “falling of the wagon” and returning to use drugs as soon as they are available again.

Many people have been successful with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous drug treatment programs. These are outpatient programs and are free (although some require nominal dues). There are 12-step meetings in nearly every city in the world; many find these program a very effective way of getting off of addictive substances because of the support group that is available to assist with difficulties surrounding drug detox.

Whether one chooses a medical or a psychological approach to drug detox, it can be a daunting process and the first steps toward drug detox are not easy. Support from family and friends is usually needed for long-term success.


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